Going to Court…….

Going to court….

The first court hearing is the arraignment hearing.  This occurs once the District Attorney has determined that there is sufficient evidence to charge the abuser with a crime.  During the arraignment, the charges are read and the abuser enters a plea (guilty/not guilty).  The abuser can also petition for bail and the judge will determine the amount of the bail.

In our particular case, the abuser confessed to sexually abusing our daughter during the interrogation, which led to charges being filed.  However, during the arraignment, he plead not guilty.  Bail was also set, but since he could not afford to post bail and no one that he knew was willing to post it for him, he remained in jail.

Keep in mind, there are numerous hearings that take place during this entire process, and many of them, to my dismay, are for the benefit of the abuser!  As we journey through this process, you will see how warped the system can be and how so many abusers are freed to go out and commit the same crimes over and over.

Next week’s topic……Preparing for the Preliminary Hearing and Testifying

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  • nedra says:

    it’s already been said before but I’ll say it again, thank you for sharing your story and for forming this blog page. i truly hope others are helped by this and your testimony.