Take Back Your Power

I was listening to the victim impact statement from one of Ariel Castro’s captives today, and while she clearly and rightfully holds contempt for the man who stole years of her life, she victoriously proclaimed that he, nor his satanic behavior, will continue to define her. My spirit stood in applause for her conviction because she has made the decision to take back her life. Will it be easy? Of course not! But…..she recognizes that her healing is directly tied to her ability to stop seeing herself as his victim, and instead declare herself a survivor.

This young woman will no doubt be in therapy for years and will fight for her healing each and every day because of the depth of the trauma she experienced.  However, she has decided to take control of healing and she is starting by taking back her power! She literally stood flat footed in the presence of the evil that tried to destroy her and declared, “You can’t control me anymore.” This was a huge step on her road to recovery.

May the Lord continue to heal her (and all survivors)…mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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  • Ray Simmons says:

    I heard that. No Im not nor have been a rape victim but i can surely adopt this ones attitude and apply it to my struggles in life. We all face evilness in its various shape/forms. I applaud her heart, fierce as a lion.