From a Dad’s Perspective

Shout it from the mountaintop!

Silence is freedom to the perpetrator. Silence is a shackle to the victim. Silence is an albatross around the supporter’s neck.

Silence is the very cloak of darkness a predator needs to continue to lurk behind the scene. Predators need to stay masked in order to present themselves as friendly, upstanding citizens with the best of intentions while shaping the situation, grooming the victim and manipulating the support system to gain inclusion and undermine any thoughts of depravity about their behaviors.

When a victim exposes the darkness dwelling within the predator and the depths to which they will sink to commit these Heinous acts, and the very acts committed themselves, you send a crippling blow to the predator.
By exposing their actions to the masses, you remove the mask they need to operate effectively in the circle which they have been preying on victims.

In order for a predator to work they need others to embrace them and give them access to the very victims they seek to victimize. Many of these predators travel in small circles in which they are familiar with, seeking new victims to satisfy their cravings.

Many predators walk in broad daylight, chest puffed out with the knowledge that their past victims will remain silent, shamed, and burdened down with this unthinkable and hopefully unspeakable guilt! It is this belief that emboldens and empowers the predator to openly seek others while smiling and prancing openly for all to see.

We must help the victims to muster up the courage to break the cycle of silence! This illumination deals a blow to the predator and lifts a weight from the victim. To see the individual who raped, molested, beat, abused you daily, weekly or occasionally at family dinner must stop! The anger stays built up in you because you see how others embrace the monster while you sit in silent pain. Place the guilt where it should be, square on the predator. Don’t let them continue to victimize you.

It is time to turn the table and start to assist yourselves with recovery. Let the demon return to the darkness from which it came. Sing your story, tell of their monstrous deeds to all who will listen. You will save not only yourself but future victims from their predatory practices.

Use the resources you have at your disposal to fight back. Post on the internet, let the campus know who they are, tell the neighbors and most importantly, family and friends should be warned of the viper in the midst!

What gives them the right to be free and happy while you are imprisoned? Why should you sit silently while they mock openly? No longer should you sit silently! Please shout it out…

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