Don’t be fooled!

We have seen story after story about predators in the place that is supposed to our place of restoration and refuge -THE CHURCH. Truth is, the child molester has found sanctuary in the church because church goers want so desperately to believe that everyone who attends church is good, or at the very least has some redemptive quality within them. Afterall, to a great extent, we need to believe that to help us feel better about our own shortcomings and sin.  But, this mindset couldnt be farther from the truth! Predators have learned that parents are often easily fooled by those who know how to use church lingo, exhibit acceptable church ettiquete, and show what appears on the surface to be a genuine interest in our little Johnny or Sarah.

As parents, we have stay on guard and not be fooled by the “nice public behavior.”  These monsters are skillful and know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, because their entire existence is about their next conquest. We can’t be blinded by our faith to the extent that we place more trust in someone else’s flesh than we do in our own.  Think about it….we flee certain situations because we know they aren’t good for us and the temptation might too much to handle if we lingered too long. The same can be said about a child molester; give them too much access and they will strike. And when they do, you won’t even see it because you’re too busy admiring the way they pray, how they seem to love the Lord, or what a nice person they are. Question is…..who acts like a complete jerk and expects to be welcomed with open arms? No one….thus, the child molester is generally going to be pleasant to you and your child. We must be on guard…even more so in places where predators like to hide in plain sight – this includes the church!

I am not advocating paranoia, nor am I suggesting that we go around accusing folks in the church of being child molesters. I am merely challenging parents to consider who has access to your children and under what circumstances…even in the church. Remember, when the angels of the Lord came, Satan came also!

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